CREM Ltd was established in November 2007 to promote the efficient use of resources within businesses.


CREM Ltd.’s value proposition is to provide support to micros, small and medium sized enterprises, at all levels of development, through benchmarking their business against best practice, improving competitiveness by identifying wastes and inefficiencies, understanding and controlling process capability to improve process outcomes, and identify opportunities for improvement within businesses. We support our clients in good business management practices by setting strategic business goals, planning operations to achieve these goals and using metrics to regularly monitor progress.


Arising from our analysis, we devise programmes to improve operations using the LEAN and Six Sigma tools. We also design and implement business management systems to achieve planned outcomes on issues such as Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety and Energy.


We have over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing at operational and senior management level, so we are familiar with the day to day operational demands and resistance to change arising from new ideas. Our manufacturing experience is particularly strong in the Chemical Surface Treatment of metals and we have a specific expertise in chemical surface finishing and waste water treatment processes where statutory, regulatory and duty of care obligations on Chemical, Environmental and Health & Safety concerns are essential.  Our chemical surface treatments and chemistry value proposition is offered under the trading name of Chemical Surface Treatment Technologies.


Removing waste from business is our core competency, through reduction in physical waste, reduction in scrap, improvement in first time yields, faster response to Customer requests and lowering levels of stock. These initiatives translate directly into the profit margins of the business. Our practical experience working at, shop floor, technical and senior management level, gives us a unique insight into the how organizations operate. We have developed hands-on experience using Lean, Six Sigma and business management techniques. We have “Walked the walk”. We have augmented this practical experience with numerous academic qualifications over that time and now offer this hands-on experience to clients, or as you may say, can now “Talk the talk”.

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We can design bespoke training programmes based on our academic training and core expertise in Business and Specific Management Systems, Lean Tools and Techniques, Chemical Surface Treatments, Chemical Safety Awareness and Environmental and Chemical Compliance to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Green and Sustainable Development

We can make environmental compliance contribute to your profitability

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Productivity through Best Practice

We will analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes for opportunities to continually improve your value proposition.

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Lean Manufacturing

We will help you identify waste in your business processes and support you in finding solutions to remove wastes and increase profitability.

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Integrated Management Systems

We will design, implement, maintain and control of management systems in quality, environment, health and safety, energy or food.

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Business Management Systems

We will facilitate the benchmarking of your business, assist in developing strategic plans and identify the core management system process required to deliver planned outcomes compatible with your business goal

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