SR Technics Airfoil Services

Logo of SR TecnicsSR Technics have incorporated lean methodology to their engine overhaul and repair business for many years. As part of the lean programme they identified a bottleneck when trying to create level scheduling of their production process. This identified a requirement for new process introduction and they retained CREM Ltd to commission and validate new technical process compatible with the lean practices used throughout the rest of the site. The lean techniques implemented in the process included writing initial Standardised Work procedures, Visual Aids, adoption of error proofing (Poka Yoke), design of a Total Preventative Maintenance Programmes and designing metrics to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE) and Material usages.


CREM completed the project within the 12 month time frame finally closing out with a training programme for Operators, Supervisors, Engineers and Managers on the lean operation operation and process control of the Chemical Treatments Line, Chemical Safety Awareness and Risk Assessment of the tasks involved in the process and Environmental Aspects and Impacts evaluation of the operation. Neil continues to provide technical support to the project.


At the end of the initial project Alan Hannigan SRTAS Engineering Manager wrote:


“We were in a difficult technical support situation at the time, so we approached Neil, who came recommended to us, to manage the commissioning of our new Line for the deposition of Platinum on jet engine turbine blades and vanes. We also sought Neil’s technical assistance in setting up analytical and process control procedures to ensure quality of product to meet the stringent standards of the Aerospace industry. Neil’s systematic approach to the project and his technical expertise was vital in:
1. Successfully commissioning both plant hardware and software,
2. Setting up process control procedures to deliver consistent product quality,
3. Optimizing the process efficiency and
4. Delivering excellent reconciliation of precious metal returns.


On completion of the project, Neil delivered an excellent comprehensive training programme for Engineering and Operational staff on all aspects of the project. We would highly recommend Neil for his professional approach and technical expertise in delivering the project to completion.”


… Alan Hannigan, Engineering Manager SR Technics Cork