Sustainable Manufacturing

Is one of your company’s strategic objectives to integrate environmental sustainability with economic growth and welfare?  Is your strategic target to have sustainable consumption and production to maximise businesses potential to transform environmental challenges into economic opportunities and provide a better deal for consumers? 


Resource Efficiency Audits 


picture illustrating the elements of sustainable manufacturingCREM Ltd. can work with companies to optimise the use of raw materials, water and energy to reduce costs while simultaneously reducing the companies impact on the environment and lowering the carbon footprint of the company and its products.


Waste Management 

One of the key tools of LEAN is the elimination of costs associated with wasteful operations and generation of wastes. One of the key outcomes of our Resource Efficiency Audit is the reduction of wastes generated during the production processes. CREM Ltd. has worked with companies as part of its waste reduction policy and has achieved up to 50% reduction in the waste going to landfill. We are committed to the hierarchy of waste approach to waste management primarily through prevention but where this is not possible to find alternative opportunities for reuse or recycling.


Process Efficiency Audits 

CREM Ltd. through its knowledge of manufacturing and chemical processes can make significant improvements to process efficiencies. One of the key targets of any resource efficiency audit is to focus on optimizing the use of inputs into a production process while maximizing the outputs achievable from such inputs.


Carbon Footprinting 

One of the outputs of a resource efficiency audit is the generation of a product carbon footprint and the environmental impact of businesses on greenhouse gas emissions. Quantifying such data and developing policies for reducing impacts can give businesses a competitive advantage in the market place through schemes such as Eco labelling.


Carbon Accounting 

All businesses quoted on the London Stock Exchange will have to comply with Mandatory Carbon Reporting of GHG emission which was introduced into the UK legislation from 1st October 2013. The first step towards complying with these requirements is through a Resource Efficiency Audit. CREM Ltd. can carry out such audits and can help companies prepare to be in compliance with these reporting requirements.


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