Raymond Masterson Mechanical Services

Picture of RMMS logoRaymond Masterson Mechanical Services received a contract to deliver a chemical treatment service to a Multinational pharmaceutical company. They retained CREM Ltd to provide a training course on the Chemistry of the Process and to train the personnel on the Hazard Identification and Risk assessment in order to put the necessary controls in place to minimise any risk during the execution of the process.


The contract was training based using PowerPoint presentation with practical workshops to carry out a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. Our knowledge of Health and Safety legislation and particularly with respect to management and use of chemicals was essential to be able to deliver such a course effectively.


At the end of the project Raymond Masterson of Raymond Masterson Mechanical Services Ltd wrote:


“Raymond Masterson Mechanical Services Ltd were awarded a contract from a multinational biopharma company, with which we have a long established relationship, to de-rouge and re-passivate its high purity water system. We contracted Neil Cremin of CREM Ltd /CSTT to provide training in the Chemistry of Passivation, the requirements of the Passivation Standards for cleaning and passivation of Stainless Steel A380 and A967, the safe handling of Passivation Chemicals and the setting up of Standard Operation Procedures for delivering the service to our Client. The training course delivered by Neil prepared us perfectly for the project where the outcome was a total success from our perspective and the client has expressed complete satisfaction and delight with the results of the process.”