Riley Surface World

Innovate Limerick (an entity created by Limerick Co.Co.) purchased the former Andersen Ireland Site and required all abandoned plant and equipment to be removed along with all environmental liabilities. Riley Surface World were contracted by Innovate Limerick to decommission and decontaminate the abandoned plant and equipment from the site to facilitate surrender of the IPPC Licences.


Riley Surface World contracted CREM Ltd to mange the project which required the:

  • Identification and cataloging of Lots for Auction/Sale by Equipment Supplier.
  • Prepare Project Plan with timelines.
  • Prepare Method Statements with Training programmes to manage risks identified during Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment process.
  • Recruit, organize and train labour and contractors to carry out tasks.
  • Decommissioning and decontamination of all site plant and equipment.
  • Removal of plant and equipment to Purchasers transport.
  • Identification, classification and packaging of waste chemicals for removal by licensed waste contractors.
    Maintain audit trail of all activities to facilitate surrender of IPC license to the EPA.


The project covered every conceivable hazard in the workplace without the benefits of a well-established organization as support. In essence it was equivalent to project managing in a construction site with highly hazardous chemicals. The project was delivered on time to facilitate surrender of license by Limerick Co. Co. Environmental Engineers.


At the end of the Project Michel Riley of Riley Surface World wrote in the trade magazine Surface World


“Riley Surface World appointed former Andersen employee and chemical engineer Neil Cremin, through his new company CREM Ltd/Chemical Surface Treatment Technologies, to act as project manager for the decommissioning and to assist with the machinery site clearance.


The final outcome is that Riley Surface World has returned significant value to Innovate Limerick. Together with Neil and his team, it has cleared the site successfully and rendered it ready for conversion to a mixed commercial development. “