Management Systems

The Quality and Environmental standards have already been published in 2015. The older standards are due to become obsolete on the 15th September 2018, so accredited companies need to be planning to transition to the new standard before the end of June 2018 to allow for enough time for any potential major non-conformances to be closed off in time. 


Are you ready for the transition to the 2015 standard, we work closely with Senior Management through training in the requirements of the new standards, facilitating Workshops to review their strategic business objectives, identify any interested parties, their needs and expectations and any internal and external issues to conduct a risk based assessment on their potential to affect the organisation achieving its business objectives and planned outcomes. 


Picture illustrating the decision to implement an Integrated Management SystemAt CREM Ltd., we have many years’ experience in the design, installation, implementation and maintenance (through internal audits for its clients) of the following suite of management systems.

  • Quality: ISO 9001 and AS9100
  • Environment: ISO 14001
  • Health and Safety: ISO 45001
  • Energy ISO 50001


The International Standards organisation (ISO) is currently updating all such standards using new structure know as Annex SL. The purpose of the new Annex SL structure is to ensure that the specific management system is aligned with the strategic directions of the organization. This new structure will:

Picture illustrating the integration of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management System

  • Integrate with other management systems
  • Provide an integrated approach to organizational management
  • Ensure the organization establishes clear policies which are compatible with the overall strategic objectives and direction of the organization
  • Promote continual improvement across the organization
  • Enable the organization to address and manage risk in the workplace


Picture illustrating the aspects of Organisational Management addressed by the ISO StandardsThe key changes in the standard focus on:

  • Context of the organization
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of the worker and other interested parties
  • Leadership, culture and commitment
  • Policies linked to overall strategic objectives and direction of the organization
  • Risk and opportunities
  • Performance evaluation
  • Management review