Green Competitiveness in Manufacturing

Successful companies realise that its customer base is becoming more sophisticated and that Corporate Social Responsibility reputation is an essential Strategic goal. Enterprise Ireland (A member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Stakeholder Forum) recognise the importance of this strategic objective that it is now a requirement of the LEAN Start initiative to incorporate the First Steps to Green Competitiveness Guidebook.


CREM Ltd can support your company to improve your competitiveness and reputation by identifying your environmental impact and compliance obligation. We can use this data to help you reduce or eliminate to costs of waste in your process, Enterprise Ireland’s Green Offer is designed to encourage clients to adopt green business principles in their organisations.


picture of enterprise ireland logoEnterprise Ireland Supports 


1. Green Start 


The GreenStart programme is designed for SME companies only. It aims to increase the level of environmental awareness relating to regulatory compliance and help with the development of a basic management system in companies which do not have in-house expertise or have conducted limited environmental activities to date. An increase in environmental performance can help companies reach a level where they can achieve competitive advantage through greater resource efficiency (energy/water/waste costs) and greater market share through enhanced credentials.


The project will involve the hiring of a consultant to:


1. Review environmental activities and practices at the site


2. Provide advice on regulatory compliance issues (licenses/permits) and how to resolve them


3. Assistance with preparation of an Environmental Policy Statement


4. Assistance with preparation of a basic Environmental Management System (EMS) based on a ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ philosophy to deal with site issues


5. Establish a baseline assessment to identify possible savings and KPIs


6. Provide introductory training for relevant staff


7. Assistance with access to other tools and resources to maintain performance and to improve resource efficiency


Expected outcomes:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Environmental Policy Statement
  • Simplified site EMS
  • Cost saving project completed
  • Awareness of market benefits of improved environmental reputation
  • Reports on project and metrics generate


2. Business Process Improvement – GreenPlus Assignments 


Under Enterprise Ireland’s Business Process Improvement Grants, client companies can apply for funding towards the cost of undertaking a GreenPlus Assignment. Assignments are designed to assist company managers to develop a high level of environmental management capabilities, drive environmental efficiencies and achieve improved sustainability. Eligible assignments may include:

  • Understanding and embedding improved environmental management practices in your company through dedicated training programmes
  • Assessing and applying international environmental best practices and standards to a level compatible with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems Standard), ISO 50001 (Energy Management Standard), and ISO 14064 Carbon Management Standard
  • Life Cycle Assessment projects including the European Water Stewardship Standard, Eco-labels (Environmental Product Declarations)
  • Other process improvements with the potential to increase your company’s environmental sustainability, minimise material and resource costs, minimise waste (water, energy, materials) and lead to improved company competitiveness
  • Supply chain or customer tendering requirements


Improvement projects must address a clear business need and deliver a positive impact on your business. Assignments may vary in size and scope but will typically be completed within twelve months and will not exceed a total project cost of €70,000.


3. Technical Feasibility Grant 


The Enterprise Ireland Technical Feasibility Grant can be used to assist companies in undertaking a technical feasibility study aimed at investigating the technical aspects of introducing or developing new or improved products, technologies, services or processes that are environmentally superior. This grant can also be used to apply for Eco-labels to help companies demonstrate the environmental performance of their products.


For more detailed information phone Neil Cremin at +353 (0)87 8200053 or email